Tuesday, March 22, 2016

March 21, 2016

We had a fabulous st. Pattys day celebration thanks to some awesome
cousins who sent a green package -- THANK You:)

We had green German pancakes and green malk  with lots of confetti and
chocolate money galore and hats and necklaces-- the whole 9 yards :)

German pancakes take on gluten free :) 
These are the sister training leaders ( STL's ) sister Wooley and sis.
Halliday , they're awesome !
I made gluten free German pancakes ( never done it before ) since sis.
Wooley cannot have gluten or dairy. It was an adventure @ 1st cause I
was seriously so nervous if it was gonna taste good but oh boy they
were AMAZING still!
And then we add some fancy fixing on it.
It's sooo funny to me how these German pancakes are such a treat and
the coolest thing to everyone I make them for.
I mean I've made them for my comp atleast 10x already.
I'm the cool kid here πŸ˜‰ THANKS TO KIERAN for teaching me the ways.
Who knew German pancakes would be so cool to people here.
I should be on chopped or something then πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ jk jk

While we were Eating @ subway a song came on -- " been a long day without you my friend" not that I was listening .... I was Zoning it out while reading BofM. That song was one I knew from before the mission life so it caught my attention, but I really was doing all I could to be fully focused on my scriptures and zone out the music.
In all seriousness this song reminded me of the BofM .... And how we've been commanded to read and pray daily. Have you taken the time to read your BofM today ? How's your prayer life ? You know our prayer life is our DIRECT link to heaven ?! Well IT IS. How long has it been since you invited the Savior in your life ?
Yes I also am MISSING all MY PEEPS. But more importantly ....
I NEVER wanna be without the scriptures or prayer or Christ EVER AGAIN !!!
So I am going to do ALL I can to put Christ at the center of my life.
You might need to do a CHECK UP FROM YHE NECK UP TO CURE YOUR STINKIN' THINKIN' about your spiritual well being and where youj are spiritually !!!
Really do ask yourselves those questions !

And then the  song ..." How can I forget you girl ? There's always something there to remind me !" Well Replace  girl with a churchy thing like the Savior ! And so when I thought " how could I forget the Savior? How could I forget you & the wonderful things you've done for me ?"... HIT ME ! SERIOUSLY HOW COULD WE FORGET THE SAVIOR & Redeemer of the world ?! He atoned and sacrificed and suffered and bled from EVERY pore for us so we can return back to our loving Heavenly Father and so we can KNOW we ARENT alone or forgotten ! So PLEASE don't forget about our loving brother. Without Him we'd literally be NOTHING. It's important to always remember the Savior daily but this Easter season is SO SPECIAL ! EASTER is coming up this Sunday -- All y'all go watch the EASTER church video on lds.org & think about what the Savior means to you personally!

During exchanges with the sister training leaders (STL) we met this lady, Hannah @ the food pantry where we did service. She's from Germany , oh my gosh --cutest little old lady ! We talked about World War II & the holocaust.  She pronounced my name the coolest way EVER! I'm sure it's the way it was initially intended w/ a cool accent. Dope !  Love accents ! She sounded like the lady version of Pres. Uchtdorf.

Our water isn't clean sometimes so we have to drink bottled water ... You'd think I was in another country or something πŸ˜‰ haha cool experiences all around.

This Lady we taught turns TV on for her cats to watch πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ She was talking to them and wondering if they could hear it and if they liked the channel. How considerate of her πŸ˜‚πŸ˜³πŸ˜πŸ˜‚ Haha made me laugh.

There were many  Tornado warnings , thunderstorms-- so dope! Reminds me of movie “Twister” I think it's called? Chasing tornados

We went on exchanges .... new this time. We both went to STL area. My comp barfed and didn't feel well so we stayed 2 nights haha ...blessing in disguise ... ( talk about later) πŸ˜πŸ˜‰

We Helped at wedding reception. I mean if you wanna get technical it actually was an open house..... It Was so fun , loved it , think weddings are one of my callings in life ! Haha I mean planning and decorating and everything about them ! I LOVE planning parties ! ️ Don't anyone worry ... But it for reals Made me even more excited for one day I will get married in the temple  :) Don't worry I am focused on my missionary purpose. Just a nice thought. Hah anyway --
The newly married Couple sang a song from Phantom of Opera ( Emy you would've DIED it was EPIC!) it was So awesome ! Haha the funny part is my Comp felt so awkies. Made me laugh.

1sts this week:
Made gluten free German pancakes  for one of the STL's who is gluten and dairy free. It actually was really good. Couldn't tell a difference.

I drove mission car cause my comp got sick.

Mission time is SO WEIRD!  Sooo weird ppl! Those of you who have served missions know EXACTLY what I mean ! I Still CANNOT believe I'm on a mission! I feel like I'm still just a little kid- still am in reality I guess πŸ˜‚ seriously feel like a little kid. Weird ! 

If Anyone has any cool quotes or churchy pics or cute pinteresty fun stuff or  good easy recipes please feel free to send them my way :) Or any funny snapchats or pics you wanna share with me go for it ! I can read my emails I get throughout the week I just cannot reply until Monday. So seriously feel free to email me anytime and whenever y'all want !!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE getting all these great emails from all y'all :) THANK YOU :) 

Pres. Packer before he passed away was here for meetings and eating a normal brown paper sack lunch with Elder Scott ( area president ) and said , "What are you going to do to build up this area and be prepared when so many people will be coming into the church in such a rapid rate that you won't know what to do." WHOA, THATS MY MISSION PEOPLE. Of course he said that's gonna be somewhere around  5-10 years from now, but still I'm curious to know what this is gonna be. A natural disaster or disease like Ebola but 1000x worse or something. Idk. 

A member in the ward I'm serving in said this is the y'all  joke  in the bible haha Ephesians 4:6 WOW. these Midwesterns don't know what the southerners soundlike . Made me laugh. This just proves the southern language is the elect one :) haha jk It would be celestial but Spanish is the celestial language. 

LEMME TELL YOU WHAT GOD DID FOR US THIS WEEK...MIRACLES ARE REAL PEOPLE!!!!---We have seen some mighty miracles this week...some small and some big , mighty miracles none the less!

When it came time for us to come back from our exchange Sister Smith really wasn't feeling well.   After prayer and much consideration we all came the conclusion that it probably wasn't safe for us to drive back cause it might've made her more sick. And that's when we called DL, and got permission to stay another night. That's the same night the tornado warnings were out and the weather was way bad. We have no clue what would've happened if we had been out driving on the freeway at night. It was for sure a miracle we were able to stay an extra night and know with confidence we could drive back to our area and be okay. Seriously, saved us from the storm ! But I think it would've been kinda cool to experience a tornado again first hand like on the movie "Twister" but in all reality I'm grateful too. 

We met Sherrie , new investigator.  she is really nervous about going to church because she had some really bad experiences when she was younger when she went to church. She wants to get coming back to a church but is doing it slowly because of the anxiety church brings her. We showed her the Easter video and she told us all about how much she loved it and she talked about how the Savior's blessed her in her life. We invited her to a lesson at the Duede's home--a family in the Freeport ward. The wife says, “since you came to the ward and talked about the mission vision for this year of baptizing 1000 , I knew that was so true and am working diligently to spread the gospel and find those to teach and baptize.” She said she has a goal of having 1 investigator taught in her home a month and even though she's been talking to everyone she knows she hasn't had anyone say "yes" yet. 
We promised her that as she diligently keeps on trying and asking everyone someone will say yes. And when we met Sherrie we invited her to have a lesson in sister Duede's home, she agreed and said it would be awesome. We have that planned for next Friday. We are so excited because Sherrie has a few kids and so does Sister Duede so we feel that they'll get along great. And we know she'll really feel the spirit so strong in her home. 

Judy Melchor, a New sister who moved in from Chicago has several kids who aren't members. . She's a recent convert and sounds so wonderful! We were able to contact her and talk with her. She sounded super excited and ready to meet the members in Freeport. We are waiting to hear back from her on a time that will work best for her, she should be getting back to us later today. The elders in Chicago said she would be a great person to ask for referrals because she knows lots of people. We are excited to meet her  

HF  reminded me of a lady we met 2 months ago .... I couldn't remember where she lived or her nam,e but after we drove around a little bit and prayed mightily and thought hard about he,r we finally were able to remember and found her. We showed her the Easter video and asked for REFERALS and everything ...nothing happened out of it, but I am so glad we finally found her. We followed the "passing thought" and asked for Heavenly Gathers help. I know she came to my mind for a reason. 

We also ran into lady when we knocked on her door who we met a week ago when she was cleaning up her church yard. She's 80+ and so kind and has a strong faith in God and the Savior. She had to leave for a family event but we have no doubt we had seriously met her just a week previous. She said we can come visit her again when we are in the area. 

We were supposed to go to members for dinner as we usually do on Saturday nights. But they cancelled last minute and we met an awesome guy who was interested in learning more. And so we set appointment with him. If that appointment hadn't been canceled we might not of met him. 

While we were at stake conference a lady came up to us and gave us a referral for her cousin who she's been trying to get baptized who lives in Freeport. 

We met a Lady named Donna who just let us in and is sooo ready for gospel. 
She's been looking for a church and is excited to come this Sunday for the Easter program. 

God is great. And miracles are coming forth. The Freeport area is growing and these seeds are growing and becoming stronger. I am grateful for the opportunity to continue this wonderful work here. Seriously things are looking up here in this area of the vineyard of the Lords work! I am PUMPED to see what this next week brings. 

Thanks for all your Love and support. 
I think about all y'all often ! 
I seriously couldn't do this without y'alls help! 

Keep being awesome people :) 

I'd love to hear from y'all ! 

️ love Seester Γ„llowitz 
1319 Butterfield Rd. #552 
Downers Grove, IL 60515


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