Monday, June 12, 2017

June 12, 2017

Bishop Holden is the greatest! He's definitely a great man who loves
the Lord so much.
I've learned a lot from him. He's hilarious, definitey has the best jokes!
Amber & Scott came for my "farewell" testimony. Haha. AMBER. LOVE HER !!!!! #soulsister
Scott's face ..... now y'all get it! Hahhaahhahahaha

This is Delphine, our 80 year old investigator, who studies the Bible
and other big gospel stuff everyday. She's so knowledgeable about the
gospel & loves the Lord. It's interesting cause she always bags on her
church and how much she knows it isn't true. But when we invite her to
church she says she needs to go to her church ... I just don't get
it. But one day we WILL get her to come to church. I know it !!!!

💜 Sister Mühlestein & Sister Griffin are some of the greatest people I've ever met!!!! 💜Sister Griffin and I are always twinning. Seriously my WHOLE mission we've always coordinated.
Even down to the last day.... 

MY LAST EXCHANGE!!!! #Hermanasforlife
SISTERS CONFERENCE. This was so cool cause ALL the sisters in the misison got together for a special conference. It was super fun, but also WAY exhausting because we had to get up at 4ish to get to Naperville on time AND there were SOOOOO MANY SISTERS ..... oh my gosh , I could hardly handle it 😂😂😂😂😂😂 IS IT BRO TIME YET ?
It was fun training with Sister Mühlestein one last time. She's the best ❤ #bffsforever
❤❤❤PAIGE ANSLEY ❤❤❤ we are DEFINITELY soul sisters !!!! Paige is soooo
strong and such an amazing person! I just love her to pieces. She's
FABULOUS. I was SUPER pumped cause she made Hawaiian haystacks for my
" LAST SUPPER". And it was awesome cause she had never heard of them
before. It was cool to introduce them to her. Oh they were soooo
good ! Seriously Paige is just the greatest. #nuffsaid
JIM DEAN!!!!! He is so awesome. Jim took us to dinner this week at Chili's. He's so great. The waters of baptism are gonna be opening for him soon.... I know it ! :) Jim is totally our adopted grandpa! He takes care of us. Yesterday at our last lesson he said, "hey you watch out now. Be careful. You're going into the world now" and then hit me with his Book of Mormon. Haha. I was dying laughing 😂😂😂😂
I was like, "Jim I'll be fine". Haha.
We went to the Japanese Gardens in Rockford. And it's the 2nd MOST FAMOUS one in the world!
What do you get when you put 2 Hermana's together ???? ...DOUBLE
TROUBLE... double the Spirit. Double the Power. Double the
laughter. Double the ice cream. Double the work. Double the everything
!!!!! #ROCKFORDCANTTAKEUS Twins ???? Yeah, everyone asks if we are twins. It's funny. Haha. I'll take it. I love her like a sister ❤❤❤❤ I'm gonna miss this!!!!
Left to right:
Me, Hermana Mühlestein, Hermana Lewis , Hermana Alexander, Elder Stewart-Chester, Elder Gubler, Elder Burton, Elder Western

Seriously this couldn't of ended on a better note.... I HAVE HAD A FANTASTIC companion & AWESOME leaders and missionaries !
Us @ the Japanese gardens. 🌺
❤❤❤❤ Sister Hatch ❤❤❤❤
❤❤❤ SISTER Havey ❤❤❤❤
Freeport Sisters! This is the last of us in the mission cause Freeport has been whitewashed with elders. It was soooo good to see Amber again! She taught us all self defense and It was just so fun to have a Freeport Flashback!
It was way funny, cause when I was in Freeport, Scott, Ambers husband, always did this face. Amber and I had a good laugh remembering that ...... it went a little like this .... haha.

AMBER AND I BEING CRAZY ..... we are trouble :)
❤❤ Sister Griffin ❤❤ She's a great Mom Away From Home.
Sister Anderson! It's been fun being a Sister Training Leader over her and remembering our crazy adventures in Bourbonnais. She's gonna be a sister training leader in Morton. She's gonna be great, and she's GOING TO THE BEST WARD IN THE WHOLE MISSION! MORTON HAS THE BIGGEST PIECE OF MY HEART. ❤❤❤ #Peoria=PROMISEDLAND


It's been a great last week y'all. I cannot even believe it's over. I feel like I just stepped off the plane into cold Chicago, Illinois yesterday. Time flies. It's been a GREAT year and a half. I love this gospel with ALL OF MY HEART. I couldn't imagine my life without it. 

Here's some last words from this week ..... 

  • I've NEVER FELT SO FRUSTRATED IN MY LIFE....I felt like I needed this to feel and understand WHAT Kimmer and Kieran have and will feel on their missions. I feel So much more  connected to them and others because of it. 
  • Lol.... we had this lesson and the member asked if we wanted water.  "Agua would be awesome! Thanks." She brings out a super weird  oatmeal drink. Have you ever drunk oatmeal? Me's quite interesting. Haha. 

Another sisters exchange
  • I've had a STRONG DESIRE since day 1 in the field to teach with such STRONG power and authority like I've seen other super stellar missionaries do. It's something I've so intensely desired, but feel sooooo far from it. Then a cool thing happened...  
  • A sister was struggling.  She sat there and expressed all of these things she's struggling with. I just kept listening. I honestly had NO idea what to say or do to help this sister. Then the words came. I opened my mouth.... 2 hours later she said, with tears running down her cheeks, "I want you to know how inspired and lead by the Spirit you are. I needed to hear that. I've been having those words come to mind lately, but didn't know what to do.  Because you said them, it's a witness to me that's what I need to do and God's aware of me." WHOA YALL I CAN'T EVEN. 
  • WE HAD one last training @ Sisters Conference.   We invited the sisters to get on their knees, and ask God if HE is pleased with the work they've done while on their missions. We did it too.  I have rarely gotten answers right away. Mine usually come through other ppl.  So cool cause even though my answers didn't come right away, I had a few sisters write me notes that day that expressed different things I've helped them with in different ways that they'll forever remember. It hit me soooooooo hard, because some of them I hardly knew. But THAT was my answer .... GOD IS PLEASED. I'm honored to have had this gift. I'm still working on looking deep within myself for my talents, but I know they're there. God loves me. And he loves you. 

Sisters Conference 
  • This was a cool conference just with the sisters and  cool trainings and devotionals just to help us. I was like, "oh no. SOS.  SOS."  There were sooooo  many hugs and sisters saying "I LOVE YOU" 1000x.  So I tried something new. Haha. Handshakes. It's funny cause the sisters all looked at me weird and I just said,  "oh we are trying something new in the mission".  I was like "HEY SISTERS, it's still a hug --just with your hands. It's basically the same thing haha." 
  • A couple Sisters sang this beautiful melody of "Come Thou Fount & Hie to Kolob" .... oh my goodness, I was trying to stay strong, but I bawled.There I sat in the Naperville stake center where it (my mission) all began .....little did I know 1 1/2 ago where I would go or who or what I'd become. God has definitely molded me into someone I never thought I could become. I've overcome the mountains and trials the past year and a half. So now I can do anything. 

Funny moment

  • Sis. Mühlestein sprained her ankle SUPER bad. It is so bruised and blue and purple. She hurt it good! Wanna hear the story???? Here it goes....
So we were street contacting in downtown Rockford and there's this guy who comes to us at gunpoint and yells HAND ME YO' STUFF! And we weren't gonna do that so we just book it running. And since I'm the driver, and Sister Mühlestein being the AMAZING companion she is told me to just keep running and get the car started. I told her I couldn't leave her behind, but she insisted. So I booked it. And as I get to the car, I look back and Sister Mühlestein tripped over a huge broken sidewalk. She jumps up and the guy is still running after us. She jumps up and runs and jumps in the car. 
We drive off and are safe. 
HAHA , psych. Don't worry , even though Rockford is sketchy and mini Compton it's not that crazy.  😂 What really happened you may be asking? We were exercising at the gym at church, and she jumped off the stage and hit her foot wrong. I couldn't tell if she was laughing or crying. A little of both. She's such a trooper to keep going even when she hurt herself super bad. I love sister Mühlestein !!!! She's so hilarious.  

The church is true. I know what I've been doing for the past year and a half is true and important! I know God loves his missionaries and that he watches out for them. 
Keep centering Christ in your life daily! Jesus. He lives. He loves you all. 

I just wanna say thanks so much for all ya'lls love and support this last 18 months !!!  I definitely couldn't have done it without you all. 
Love YOU ALL! I'll see y'all soon. 

Once a missionary FOREVER a missionary,
Hermana K. Ällowitz 

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

June 5, 2017

Oooooh well hello. Are you SOSing? Well I SURE Sister AM. ONE WEEK LEFT.  It's sooo unreal to me, because I feel like a brand new missionary in soooo many ways. On the other  hand,   I feel like I've been a missionary FOREVER. Missions are the BEST THING ever cause it really prepares you for life. My mission has given me so much more than life ever could on its own. It's forced me to let go of my old self and become NEW, FRESH, DIFFERENT.  It's, most importantly, helped me become the person my spirit has longed to become, but that my natural woman wouldn't allow until the last 18 months of my life. God is so good. I'm soooo grateful the mission age changed when it did, because I know this was definitely MY TIME to serve a mission. 

Interesting moment this week:  we met a lady who said she believed in Satan. It was quite the experience. It went a little like this : 
Me: We are missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. We teach about Jesus Christ. Do you believe in Jesus Christ ? 
Her: No. I believe in Satan
Me: okay, well have you always believed in Satan? 
Her: no 
Me: okay, well this message we share is important and will help you find the light that this world fails to offer. 
Her: ummmm no I gotta get back to Satan. 
(slams door) 
 It was so weird cause you could literally feel Satan in her apartment. I've met people with countenances who are so dark. She was one. It's kinda scary cause you read of that in the Book of Mormon. But you don't really get it until you witness it in someone. WHOA!

There's a blind member in the ward who we have been visiting on a weekly basis, because she just needs lots and lots of love. She has told us a lot of her story. She has been abused physically and mentally. She's definitely been through a refiners fire. My heart aches for her. I can only imagine what Jesus felt when he was in Gethsemane. I have come to really see people as God sees us. I know we can do this if we simply listen and put ourselves in their shoes for a small moment. 

I can honestly say I've never felt nearer to God than on my mission. Never felt nearer to HIM than through the Book of Mormon. If you are struggling to know how YOU can come closer to Jesus Christ the answer is so SIMPLE: READ THE BOOK OF MORMON. PICK IT UP.  PONDER IT.  ACTUALLY READ IT. 

Nearer, My God, to Thee
Nearer, my God, to thee,
Nearer to thee!
E’en though it be a cross
That raiseth me.
Still all my song shall be
Nearer, my God, to thee,
Nearer, my God, to thee,
Nearer to thee!
Though like the wanderer,
The sun gone down,
Darkness be over me,
My rest a stone,
Yet in my dreams I’d be
Nearer, my God, to thee,
Nearer, my God, to thee,
Nearer to thee!
There let the way appear,
Steps unto heav’n;
All that thou sendest me,
In mercy giv’n;
Angels to beckon me
Nearer, my God, to thee,
Nearer, my God, to thee,
Nearer to thee

Other super interesting  things: 
  • we got to witness a Swahili baptism & confirmation. My life is now complete. Haha. God knows me so well, he sent me to MY PEOPLE. He could've sent me to Africa, but he sent me to Rockford cause my people are here too 

  • HAHAHAHA, oh my my my .... we were on exchanges in Byron with the Sisters in this weird town called OREGON.  We talk to everyone, of course, so we saw a man and his daughter walking on a super hot sunny day. We start talking to them and find out .... this hippy, ponytail man is a crazy ghostbuster (yes. He legit goes into people's houses and gets rid of their "evil spirit ghosts". I've always wanted to meet one. Ha.) who is a "whicken" (which simply means they believe in nature and a bunch of other weird which craft stuff, and they worship it). And he believes in aliens, and that we are breeded from aliens. "My inside out people".
However, one thing he did say that hit me was,  "hell is what we create inside ourselves". I thought that was cool because it's true. Hell is basically a place of great suffering and pain. And most often we or others make mistakes, and it makes us feel like we are in hell. We create hell by REALLY REALLY STUPID CHOICES OR we can create happiness and light by CHOOSING THE RIGHT. but .... only thing is...THE CHOICE IS UP TO choose wisely. 

  • We were calling through some of our former investigators. Which simply means they've met with missionaries in the past but have been what we call "given back to the Lord for a time" until they're ready. We called this man named Joe. Haha it went a little like this: us: "hey is this Joe? 
Joe: ummmmm, may I ask whose speaking? 
Us: this is the Sister missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. 
Joe: oh you've got the wrong number! 
Us: well what a lucky day it is for you, because we share a message about Jesus Christ. We would love to share it with you today. Are you available at 4 today? 
Then he hung up. Haha. Best rejection this week  haha. Some peoples children.  

  • We went to visit a less active member.  Right after she asked where we were both from, she said, "oh I knew you were from Texas. Cause your boots and your necklace. You just look like a Texan!" I was dying 😂

  • ha.... so it was too good to be true. A bird pooped on me while we were teaching Brandy and her family in their backyard. I was like WILLIS YOURE JOKING? Haha. We all laughed pretty hard. And then when we get in the car Sister Mühlestein laughed at me the whole way home and said, "they just poop on the sweetest things".  haha. 

  • The nail lady thought I was from Poland or some European country because of how I look and talk lol .. she said " hey you from Europe? You so pretty!  When you going back to your home country?"  I'm still dying about this 😂#europeblood
  • another nail lady  was from Portland and she was giving me ideas on fun things to do there.  She asked, do you like beer? "oh no,  I don't drink alcohol. But I LOVE cheese, and I've heard alcohol and cheese usually go together. You could tell she was confused. 
  • I got to do role play in Spanish with an hermana. So cool! My Spanish is improving! 
  • A member Sis. Dinenedetto, said this in response to someone telling her I'm from Texas, "oh yeah, Texans are strong. Don't mess with them. They can do anything!"  She needed my help, because I'm a Texan. Haha. These Rockford people are cracking me up left and right. Haha 

Lessons I was reminded of this week : 
  • Ether 6:3--- God doesn't leave us in darkness alone. 
3 And thus the Lord caused stones to shine in darkness, to give light unto men, women, and children, that they might not cross the great waters in darkness.

We've been struggling to know what to do next with some of our part member families, because they're in hard boats right now. We were inspired to fast. It was so cool to be reminded that fasting is a great source of help. We didn't wanna fast on an easy day, so we fasted on Saturday when we didn't have dinner until 7:30 with a member. I thought it was gonna be super rough, but it was cool to see God's help in it all. Haha, After you  just wanna eat everything.  After our fast, we had 2 dinners 😳😂#yousureimnotreallyanhermana? 

  • Matthew 6:19-22 --- treasures of heaven. What might a treasure of heaven be? What are the treasures to you? How do you show God they're a treasure? 

  • God blessed me w/ the ability to make ppl laugh, even if it's simply by my laugh or something I say or do. I'm so grateful for opportunity to leave ppl better than I found them, even if it's by small and simple means. People  say Sis. Muhlestein, and I are hilarious. We are pretty funny together.  Ppl tell me they love my laugh, cause it makes them laugh so it's pretty contagious. That's good cause laughing is what I do best. 😂😂😂😂 like literally , for all who know me, know it's true. 

* We had a mini missionary. Our mini missionary said she was super grateful for us and all she learned. She said she had a great time. It was cool cause it made me flashback to when I was in Cali and Sister Monson & Sister Egbert had me come out with them to teach investigators, and tract, and prepare for my mission. It totally changed my outlook and my choice to serve a mission. I still look up to them a lot and so it was cool to have the opportunity to "pay it forward" in a way, by giving that opportunity to someone else. 

  • Cindy dinner:  I Felt SOOOOO terribly  inadequate, because Cindy is the member wife of a way inactive member. She had some super deep questions about the priesthood. We studied for a couple weeks on it and came over for dinner and a lesson. We prepared by God's hand and by fasting. She said NO ONE HAS EVER BEEN ABLE TO ANSWER MY QUESTION ABOUT WHY WOMEN DON'T HOLD THE PRIESTHOOD AND SHOWN ME IN THE BIBLE.  Because Sister Mühlestein is so amazing when it comes to the Bible, we were able to answer her question...and show her by using the Bible & Book of Mormon. She was stunned. We didn't even bash. We simply let the scriptures teach her through the Spirit. I felt so at peace leaving her with that. The Spirit does calm us and help others listen to us. God calls only the weak and simple,  and yet I know we are strong when we RELY FULLY on Christ.  I seriously witnessed it. 
  • Jim  Dean, our investigator we've been teaching for awhile said, "I really appreciate you two. I'm so blessed to know you."  While teaching the Plan of Salvation he said he didn't know about 3 kingdoms.  "I've been reading this book (The Bible) my whole life. Why haven't I heard this before? I've met all kinds of ministers and preachers and people from churches, and no one has ever been able to answer my questions or teach me so much as you two girls have. And you're 20. I can't believe it. It just amazes me. And you leave your families for 1 1/2 and pay your own way. Just amazing." Again, just another witness that God calls the weak and simple.  I know even though Sister Mühlestein and I have been doing this awhile and even though our teaching skills are good, we couldn't do this alone. It's God by the Spirit teaching this man. Teaching all people around the world. God is so good. I cannot deny this Gospel.  It's so true. 

Love you all. Peace easy. ✌️ be more kind and happy. 

Te quiero mucho , 
Hermana Allowitz 💃 

 Todd  & Mickelle drove 2 hours from Morton to take Sister Mühlestein & me to lunch. I love them. They definitely are my soul people!  Todd said "AHHH I JUST WANNA HUG MY SISTERS." He said we really are like his little sisters. These people are for reals the greatest. We had many memories to ponder back on and many laughs shared. #soulPeople image1.JPG

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

May 29, 2017

We had dinner with some of the coolest members, Paige and her sons, Sebastian and Benjamin. I love them so much. Paige is so great with her kids and loves the gospel. Her faith amazes me. This was our Monday night date. Ha. These boys are too cute ❤

I believe I told y'all last week about the salsa challenge ... whatever companionship got the most new investigators and people on date got salsa made by Elder Stewart-Chester (our district leader). Of course, we won. Free homemade salsa, and it's super spicy ha. Wooooo! and chips. We are pumped !!!! We got 6 new investigators And one on date in a week. #gameon #roadto1000 #dunkemall

I saw sister Jeffrey from Freeport. Also EVERYONE & their moms dog keeps telling me how cool my rain boots are. Or how ridiculous I look. I just smile and wave and laugh with them. Cause it's funny.

We played volleyball and had a BBQ with an hermana and family from the Spanish branch today as a Zone. We totally dominated. The nice part is that we got to wear pants finally. No more playing in a dress haha. That's tough. But mind you, we totally still dominated the Elders in dresses. You can only imagine how crazy it got this time. I kept digging the balls. Oh it was awesome. Sister Mühlestein was killing it too and the Hermana's. Everyone is just too good. 

WE ARE SPIRITUALLY AND PHYSICALLY FIT. #rockfordstrong #missionarypower

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

May 22, 2017

HAPPY LABRYTH DAY. The aliens have landed. 👽
I ran into Sister Reid from Freeport !
HAPPY 96th GG JANE !!!!! #missionaryangels
FUNNY STORY: We have had a lot of crazy weather, but it's nothing new, because it's Illinois and that's what it likes to do. We were getting ready for bed and heard faint noises that we thought were probably tornado sirens. Sure enough,  they were!  Sister Mühlestein asked me what we should do. I said we'd probably be fine, but we could get our shelter ready just in case. So we grabbed a ton of snacks (I'm talking a TON, cause you can never have enough of those), blankets and pillows, water, and, of course, our Books of Mormon and Bibles. We kept hearing the sirens more and more, so we decided to get into the bathroom and, of course, brought a big mattress. To be sure, we were just about to have an awesome scripture study right there in the sheltered tub. Haha But then it was okay enough for us to just sit by the window and watch the cool storm go on and on. 

Later when the members heard that we didn't FOR REALS take shelter, they freaked out. Haha. Brother Provo kept saying, "well you're from Texas, so you will be fine. You know what its like to have tornados."  Everyone's been saying, "oh well, you're from Texas so ...this and that." haha. It's hilarious cause everyone thinks I'm so strong and cool, cause I'm from Texas. I just say, "well yeah, I've seen the storm chasers on the Twister movie, so we will be good." Don't worry...we are pros here. So we are good and still alive. Not even a scratch ha. 

I recently came across Alma 62:6 in my studies, and it's a new treasure I've found. I love it, because it reminded me that when we unite together we are sooo much stronger than on our own. When we unite with God and the gospel and our family and friends and companions and members, we are stronger than on our own. So let's choose to unite with good influences and not Satan, the bad. Just as President Thomas S. Monson says, "May we choose the harder right, than the easier wrong!" 

Y'all, oh my goodness .... I seriously love the Bible sooo much! I have been finding a Book of Mormon & Bible treasure daily, and it has been such a blessing. I have become more knowledgeable about the scriptures, and I have felt my spiritual armor really become stronger so I can have the strength and faith I desperately need to fight the daily battles. Especially as a missionary, cause we get bashed and rejected and persecuted  all the time. But I wouldn't take it back for anything, because I'm coming closer to Jesus Christ everytime. And the reading and pondering and studying the scriptures daily helps me to act more like Him, teach more like Him and become more like Him. Seriously this gospel is amazing. If you don't feel that way, please check it out. Pray about it. Just do it. It'll bless you forever. I promise. Cause it's blessed me. And this is only the beginning. 

Treasure from the Bible : Joshua 23: 8-11---> 
God fights for you.  He fights for me. For us all. Because he promised. We fought in the pre-mortal life, we fight now, but we can't do it alone.  We need God. God is the ultimate pro fighter. Never ever leave him. I want you to really ponder ....HOW DOES IT MAKE YOU FEEL TO KNOW THE LORD FIGHTS FOR YOU DAILY? 

Last time I told you I had to get glasses. I don't really enjoy  wearing them always, BUT  I need them because my eyes can't see complete on their own. I realized that wearing glasses  is like seeing with God's eyes. We CANNOT see others with love or see them in a good light without God's help. He helps us to better ourselves by working on our weaknesses and experiencing trials so we can fully see our brothers and sisters as He does and to feel about them the way our loving Heavenly Father does. I know I'm soooo incredibly far from this, but it's something I've definitely improved on my mission and hope to continue to do so. At times we have foggy spiritual glasses, but again with God's help we can clean them as we clean our inner vessels. I've seen one of the best ways to do this is by reading the Book of Mormon EVERYDAY for at least 20 minutes. And another thing I've been trying lately is to take President Nelson's challenge and study ALL the scriptures that it has concerning Jesus Christ under the Bible's topical guide and read, highlight, and ponder them. I'm still super far from finishing, but I'm really feeling myself become more like Christ because I'm actually studying about him. Just as one has to study to be an orthopedic surgeon or counselor or plumber, one MUST study the scriptures to know how to become more Christlike. I PROMISE that's the best way to do it! The TIME IS NOW. I challenge y'all do take President Nelson's challenge from general conference too! 

  • We went to get our nails done last week,  and I was sitting in the front waiting for my turn.  A lady was sitting next to me, telling me about her life and divorce and all she's been through. She told me she's dating a guy right now.  I felt impressed to ask if he treats her right, so I did (cause you always follow the spirit!) She hesitated and said, "well sometimes. I guess." I said, "well I know I just met you, but you so deserve better. Don't ever forget it."  She smiled super big, said thanks and she  really appreciated it. It made me happy to feel like I made a difference in her life. And hopefully she broke up with the jerk. 

  • Mitch ...was biking down the street we were walking, so we waved him down, and he stopped. We got to teach him about the Book of Mormon right there. I was so pumped to teach him about Jesus Christ and the Americas. There's a catch though ...  he's a Lakers fan.  I told him we can still teach him. 
  • Porshi (pronounced like car Porsche w/ an a) .... we met her and her mom, Dorothy, in the ghettos of town. They were sitting outside their house.  In that moment I thought of my sister Janee... I immediately loved her and wanted the best for her. I couldn't lose her. I yearned so badly for her to come to church and learn more about this gospel so her life could be better. I could feel of her hardships and trials just by looking in her eyes and talking with her. We got to teach them both about the gospel. It was a cool experience. We are still teaching them. We shall see how it goes. 
  • Elder challenge ... Our district leader, Elder Stewart-Chester made a challenge to see how many in the district could get someone on date and how many NI we can get in a week. Sister Mühlestein and I are totally winning. All I gotta say is DON'T MESS WITH A TEXAN. AND DONT MESS WITH 2 DILIGENT & COMPETITIVE sisters (who both only have brothers). Haha. We of course are in the lead. I'll let you know next week who wins. 
  • Mary .... holy cow y'all .... she referred herself, cause she wanted a Bible. We accidentally forgot the Bible the first lesson, but miraculously got to teach her the Restoration and established our purpose as missionaries. She listened and said she wanted to learn more. So we came back for a 2nd lesson, and she said she enjoyed the Book of Mormon. We said as she continues to read and learn she'll wanna follow Jesus Christ's example and be baptized.  Before we could even say anything else she responded, "well yes of course I wanna be baptized. I feel like July 2nd is a great day because it's my birthday." I have NEVER ONCE had someone ASK to be baptized. It was sooo cool because in 'Preach My Gospel' it says we as missionaries MUST teach in such a way that's simple enough that people will ASK to be baptized. I was sooo amazed. It finally happened. What I've just told you about has ALWAYS been a desire of mine, and it finally came true. 
God is sooo good. We gave her the Bible.  She said she's excited to come to church and keep reading and studying from both the Bible and Book of Mormon. I'm pretty sure our jaws both totally dropped in that lesson. Haha. We are still in shock. Haha. I'm soooo grateful to be apart of this great work and help people recognize a better way. 

Thanks for all your encouragement and support ! I appreciate it from all y'all, especially this last "leg" of my "race" !!!!   Y'all get going on that Topical Guide challenge from President Nelson! Lemme know how it goes :) 

Siostra Karigan Ällowitz