Tuesday, March 22, 2016

9 days at the MTC...beginning January 6th.

Hola everyone! It is my 3rd day at the MTC ( Missionary Training Center) and I am ABSOLUTELY LOVING EVERY SECOND OF IT!!!!! The people are all SO wonderful and kind. Everyone says hello when passing in the halls or at meals. And OH MY GOSH the food is SO GOOD!!! It has been so nice getting to have the food already prepared for your meals. It will be really interesting when I get to the field to figure out meals and the whole food situation. 

I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE being a missionary. it's so wonderful!  Today we got the opportunity to go to the temple and do an endowment session. it was great! My comp and I began talking after about how temple work is missionary work as well, and we were able to do our first little bit of missionary work for the other side. Missionary work is SO important!!!!! even if you don't get the opportunity to serve a full time mission for the church, that's okay, b/c we really are just simply walking each other through the mission of life, and that in itself is important! The worth of souls really is great in the sight of God. I hope EACH of y'all KNOW and feel that God, our loving Heavenly Father, loves each and everyone of us! D&C 18: 10...the worth of souls really is great in the sight of God.....EVERYONE!!!! 

Cool thing...I ran into some of Bailes and Nikka's friends from BYU ( my bffs and role models since I was 12 from Texas) ...soooo cool! small world!

On the first day a sister (I believe it was the MTC President's wife) said, "Little growth occurs in a comfort zone and there is little comfort in a growth zone".  I love that SO much because it is sooooo true that you CANNOT grow if you NEVER put yourself out there or reach outside your comfort zone.  I am already starting to see and feel myself grow so much. I know that through Christ ALL things are possible , and through him I can be changed and molded into the person I have the potential to become...the person Christ and God knows and want me to become. 

There are some rules and guidelines we've been asked to do on our missions like getting up at 6:30 AM..."AM"......that is VERY early for me!!!!!!!!! And I don't like it.  I am NOT a morning person....never have been! I knew that I would be having to get up early, at least before the mission I saw it as " I have to", and now i see it as  " I GET to" because it's so cool to get to learns so much longer and teach and learn and grow for more time. It is such a privledge to get to be here at the MTC and be able to go on a mission for 18 months for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I love this work and this gospel with ALL my heart! I KNOW that as I am EXACTLY obedient I will be blessed. One of my favorite quotes reads, "Obedience brings blessings. EXACT obedience bring miracles. Selective obedience brings selective blessings." 
I KNOW this to be TRUE. because I have seen it in my own life as I have been at the MTC as I am EXACTLY obedient with the rules, guidelines, and other things we have been asked to do as missionaries. 

We got sack lunches today to be able to get more in and they told us all we could get and then they said the PB sandwiches were NO CHARGE.....FREE. My comp turned it down.. I said SISTER it's FREE FOOD! SO basically I was down for more food. I AM ALWAYS HUNGRY!!!! 
Wahoooo food!!!!!! 

HEADLINE: SISTER TRAGICALLY CHOKES ON UNDEFINED SUBJECT MATTER, SPIRIT DISRUPTED, COMPANION EMBARRASSED, then Elder ***(...blowing everyone away with laughter..silent laughter of course ;)
LAST NIGHT WE MET OUR Branch Presidente and the counselors and their wives. We all had a chance to bare our testimonies after we heard from the brethren's wives.  I start randomly choking on air or spit or something.  I was trying to not be loud, but I was seriously about to die and, I was trying to just let it out later.  But no... didn't work...so i tried to drink some water and calm my coughing down about 100 notches...BUT PSYCH.... the elderly sister who was bearing her testimony STOPPED talking and looked RIGHT at me...RIGHT AT me!!!!! HOLY TOMATO ON FIRE....that was my face! I said to her while choking basically to death still...."I swear I'm NOT laughing!"....then she went back to her testimony...I felt SO bad! It's funny but not really.... after i was thinking,  " seriously Karigan??....you swear? awesome!" Hey at least I didn't actually swear..hehe  it could've been worse....

The same night, one of the counselors asked my comp to play the piano which leaves me leading the music...which i REALLY DON'T like, cause I NEVER learned the correct way to do it. Sister Havey tried helping me before to learn how to lead the way it says in the book.  Storal of the mory is... I  BUTCHERED THAT! HAH... it's okay though cause remember... you CANNOT learn and grow in a comfort zone! To make it even cooler, we all got callings last night, I'm the Sr. Comp as well as my comp & I are the music coordinators for our branch.  So that means...I GET the opportunity to lead...AGAIN! Wahoo! God works in mysterious ways! It's funny how God gives us things to do that we may not want to.....that is LIFE...AND IT'S FABULOUS cause we get to learn and grow so much!!!!!! I love callings! I love being a missionary!!!! Being a missionary is almost like the movie "INCEPTION"....it's a calling within a calligng within a calling, it's fabulous ...more blessings and opportunities to grow! 

The sisters and elders in my district and branch are so fun and great! I love all of them! 
The Elders are legitamentally like my bros! Elder Belnap was getting sassy w/ me and I was like "oh no you didn't!" He was all, " oh you wanna fight??" I kept telling him GAME ON. Lets go! I'll pumble you right here! haha...jk I would NEVER do that ;) but oh boy ...he' going down! don't sass me! ...or else! 

Well i must go. I love you all! THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR LOVE & SUPPORT! I can feel your prayers and love a hundred fold! Thanks for being you!!!! 

I challenge each of y'all to look for someone each day who is in need of someone. You can help them by the simplest of things...a  text, smile, wave, hello, hug, buy them something...ANYTHING!!!!  NO ACT OF KINDNESS GOES UNNOTICED! Love everyone! 
I promise you as you do all you can to serve others you will be blessed & you will be able to see the ppl you serve be blessed and be happy. You will be happy by just simply seeing them happy.
love love love you alllll!!!!!!!!!!!! 
love Hermana Allowitz

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