Tuesday, March 22, 2016



On Tuesday we had a devo with Elder Neil A. Anderson and it was SO beyond powerful! he talked about the importance of opening our mouths as missionaries and ALWAYS spreading the word of Christ as often as we can.  There was so much he talked about! I wish  y'all could've just been there with me....the spirit was so strong as he testified of Christ & our importance as missionaries.

Even though some of y'all may not serve full time missions for the Mormon church or another church, that is totally ok, the MOST important thing is that we're ALL simply walking each other
through the mission of life , and doing all we can to help each other to get back to live with God and our loving Savior Jesus Christ again. 

Afterwards, as a district, Elder Belnap, Elder Duvall, Elder Jones, Elder Hart, Elder Meldrum, Elder Norton, Sis. Havey, Sis. Metcalf, Sis. Ivie, and I all came back together as a district to discuss the Devotional and all the wonderful things we learned and OH MY GOSH , THE SPIRIT WAS SO STRONG!!!! All us sisters were crying (lots of mixed emotions) BUCKETS...TURNED INTO A RIVER...and the Elders graciously offered to give us blessings and HOLY COW...it was so comforting and awesome! My testimony has grown SO much on how much Priesthood is such a KEY part of our religion and how SUPER IMPORTANT it is that the men of the church stay worthy to still hold the priesthood. I am soooooo beyond grateful for worthy priesthood holders and for the Elders in my district that followed the promptings of the spirit and asked us sisters if we needed blessings. I am grateful for them and their continued EXACT obedience and worthiness to be out here on a mission, b/c I have grown and learned SO many things from these Elders. I have felt so loved and comforted, God is great and he is CONSTANTLY working miracles!...NEVER EVER forget it! ALWAYS have your eyes open to the hand of God, cause he never leaves us EVER!! He loves us TOO MUCH to do that :) 

I also felt angels SO strongly today...Rod and GGpa & GGma Christensen & Bond. Heaven is closer than we think ;) There's SO much i wanna tell y'all but so little time....AH the MISSION LIFE IS SO WONDERFUL!!!!!  SUPER DUPER hard but AWESOME!!!! i wouldn't be anywhere else! 

A teacher I had here at the MTC said he has a goal to run a 5K in ALL 7 continents...holy cow...how cool is that? and CRAZY thing is..he only has 2 left! 

I'm loving the MTC, and I'm SUPER STOKED to leave... I LEAVE THIS UPCOMING MONDAY...JAN 18!!!!WAHOO!  I CANNOT BELIEVE I'M GONNA BE IN THE MISSION FIELD SO FAST!!!!  One of my bffs, DeeDee Smith is there serving in the EXACT SAME MISSION I'm going to , I'm PUMPED to see her! She might even be my trainer ;) The Elders and Sisters have all gotten so acquainted...its fabulous :) 

I saw a guy that looks like Inspector Gadget and the Harry Potter professor with 1 eye..super cool! AND there's even a teacher that sounds EXACTLY like Jim Gaffigan, totally hilarious! Makes me miss comedy with Gaffigan and there's even an Elder who sounds like Morgan Freeman....KIMMER.....I was TOTALLY wishing you could've been there for that! 


1- Elder Jones, an Elder in my district, was roomies w/ my bestie friend Kade Ferguson from Texas!!!!  "So Sister Allowitz, you're from Austin. This may be a long shot, but do you know Kade eErguson?" "WHAT THE FUN, are you kidding me? He's one of my besties!" Seriously one of my besties , growing up together! 

2- I met Sister Baird and Sister Sommerfield .....we have mutual friends...Elder Issac G and Race Acheson....some of my buddies from Provo, who i met through Aunt Nae Nae. 

3- Mckenna North...she's Babycakes friend.  She came up to me,  "Are you Karigan?" Then we started talking and making a connection.

4- I ran into a girl I went to HS with.

5- I found one of my buddies from AZ. Shes awesome! She's going to OK.

6- I met a girl during choir and she's from Australia going to Tonga. I love her so much!!!!! 
Ever since I met her my Australian accent has been going like craazy!!! She said my accent is AWESOME! She did her American accent and it's AWESOME! 

running into BFF's ΕΧ- boyfriend...that was awesome :) 

My comp, Sis. Ivie, and I did service cleaning the bathrooms and talked in our Australian accents. I told the "Rindercella Story"..super fun! And who knew service could be SO wonderful and fun! 
We are blessed when we serve, but we should do it b/c we want to genuinely and we love the ppl :) 

Sis Metcalf and I have been working out lots...super intense...hardcore workouts.  It's been SO great getting to run and do ab workouts with someone who really wants to. She reminds me of my cousin Skyler A LOT, it makes me miss her so much more! 

My assignment with leading the music is going great.  HF has helped me a lot! 
I'm working on memorizing D&C 4. I'm almost there :)  

I'm going crazy with all the girls...being w/ someone 24/7...SO HARD...I MISS my alone time and BROs WAY BAD!!! I am CRAVING bro time EVERYDAY.  Oh well....this isn't about me....i'm gonna forget myself and get to work :) 

While I've been at the MTC I've received many packages and letters ! 
THANK YOU TO ALL!!!!!  SISTOS, Gammy, Nae NAE, and Dad! 

love always, Hermana Allowitz 

next email: I'll be saying Hello from the Other side in Chicago !!!!! 

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