Tuesday, March 22, 2016

March 21, 2016 Debate Square

Lincoln & Douglas debated here
Lovin' corndogs in Freeport

I told Freeport is a HUGE historical spot for many reasons but one of the MOST IMPORTANT being that President Abe Lincoln and Douglas had a SUPER FAMOUS debate here right where I'm standing ( haha jk not right there but close)
So for some reason that is still unknown to me, Freeport is also the home of the pretzels .... Pretzels ....ok??! But anywho.... My comp and I found this place with the YUMMIEST pretzels and pretzel dawgs AND better yet, they even have cheese sauce ! How awesome ! Haha so this is a cheesy pic with me and my pretzel dawg in front of this pretzel sign. But hey Freeport people really take pride in their pretzels 😂😂😂 seriously SO WEIRD!

One of the members said Freeport was on a list recently or something for the TOP 10 WEIRDEST mascots ....: hmmnnn really I wonder why 😂😂😂

Ps- just in case you were wondering YES I didn't get new shoes , little black oxfords thank you for noticing 😘😏😉😂👋🏽BYE BYE WINTER BOOTS, so long farewell , adieu!! 👋🏽

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