Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Feb 29, 2016

Feb 29, 2016 
One of the houses we tracted was SUPER DUPER  sketchy and FREAKY! There's sooo many times we legit thought we were gonna die ( don't worry mom I'm safe ) 
Fog and darkness  lingers EVERYTIME

Here's some of our sketchy word photos .... 

A  Man talked to us for about 30 mins, asking us really deceitful and loaded questions ..... Just trying to get us to mess up. Reminds me when Satan & others tried to get Christ tempted and to say something wrong .  The man ended by saying ,
"thanks for sharing what you THINK is true ." He kept talking and being ridiculous.  I cut him off and said, " oh we KNOW these things we share are true ! " He said we don't believe the truth because we don't have evidence and our reality is not right , I said, "The evidence is right there in your hand." He was holding the Book of Mormon we gave him.   Seriously some ppl's children!  I understand people have different beliefs, but there's really no reason to be right out rude. Well I guess they weren't kidding when they said missions would be HARD. And if Christ had it hard then why should we have it easy? It's been an interesting experience but great. Then.... When Man was getting closer as he started talking and more aggressive in his talking.... Oh boy, I was sure Ready to knock him out !!!! My fists were ready.  There are some places we are not allowed to go at night...... His place one of them .... I wonder why?

This Lady kept cutting me off  & getting aggressive.  Man it was Tough.  The Spirit was there, but also contention. It was like magnets not wanting to attract. 

Another Man told us we were not ever allowed on his property…he knows where to get religion when he needs it!  Haha I couldn't help but laugh cause he was seriously SO BEYOND MAD we were on his property. "Well it's your eternal salvation...your loss  buddie!" 

Another Man yelled at us to get in his house. His wife looked like she was gonna shoot us. It's been a ROUGH transfer ... Mission life is hard but so worth it! 

There was an Apartment complex that had #’s written on doors with marker #ghetto #hoodlife.

Another Old ish guy we met tracting called me "hunny" .... Ok EXTRA BARF ....Sass level exceeded.  He was super duper sassy !  Oooh that peeved me off! 

Joe , A potential investigator said we made his day & he couldn't believe 2 girls would come on a mission to a place they've never even been before and pay their own way (or their families do it), and just go out spreading the gospel 24/7. He was way impressed with the church. He said  & I quote , ( sorry for the language but seriously just picture this really awesome African American man saying this all sassy and fun),  “DAMN YOUR parents had to of raised you really well and grounded, for you to be out here wanting to do this for so long. DAMN, y'all are amazing!" [Haha Stacy, I LITERALLY CANT EVEN!!!!!] It made me so happy cause he was so funny!  It took EVERYTHING I HAD NOT to laugh.  He's HILARIOUS!!!!   We have a lesson set up with him tomorrow. FINGERS CROSSED it goes well :) 

Heavenly Father is sure  humbling me cause I thought the burg was in the middle of nowhere .... PSYCH

Had a BOOM moment this last week while studying.  After an hour of personal study was up I DIDNT wanna stop, cause it's not enough time.  I truly wanna FEAST upon the word 2 Nephi 31:20.  I'm regretting not digging deeper into all that stuff. 

I feel like Olaf.  Is it SUMMER TIME YET???! I am soooo excited to see the frozen things GO AWAY & for SUMMER to come.  I wanna see what Illinois things do in summer. 

This Old single woman, Sis Ensign, sassy lady (I seriously wanna be like her as an old lady cause she's hilarious and sassy !) who I talked about a few weeks ago .  The Relief Society ladies have an activity coming up where they bring their hubbies & she said sassily, "anyone have a spare I can bring ?"   And she was wearing cool earrings on Sunday & she said: "I found them in my closet and wondered what on earth they was doing in there cause I've never seen them before so I wore them cause aren't they so nice?" I LOVE HER.

There are some members in the ward I'm serving in who have written books.  Y'all should check them out  & tell me if they're good :) ... I bet sister Reid's are cause they're murder mysteries I guess ;) 
1- Rebekah Kearney 
2- Therese Marie Reid 

To ppl planning on missions --and even everyone else so you can share the gospel when the times come --
 PRAY DAILY ..... Missionary training .... I took for granted & am now SEEIOUSLY regretting it !   NOT JOKING !!!! 

We Got a Spanish referral-- no Spanish skills--- read Spanish testimony, butchered it .... Some day I WILL learn Spanish!!! I'm DETERMINED. I WISH SOOOO badly could've actually talked to him. Only sentence I feel FULLY confident in and know is "I really love chocolate ice cream." .... I guess priorities in right spot !

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