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May 22, 2017

HAPPY LABRYTH DAY. The aliens have landed. 👽
I ran into Sister Reid from Freeport !
HAPPY 96th GG JANE !!!!! #missionaryangels
FUNNY STORY: We have had a lot of crazy weather, but it's nothing new, because it's Illinois and that's what it likes to do. We were getting ready for bed and heard faint noises that we thought were probably tornado sirens. Sure enough,  they were!  Sister Mühlestein asked me what we should do. I said we'd probably be fine, but we could get our shelter ready just in case. So we grabbed a ton of snacks (I'm talking a TON, cause you can never have enough of those), blankets and pillows, water, and, of course, our Books of Mormon and Bibles. We kept hearing the sirens more and more, so we decided to get into the bathroom and, of course, brought a big mattress. To be sure, we were just about to have an awesome scripture study right there in the sheltered tub. Haha But then it was okay enough for us to just sit by the window and watch the cool storm go on and on. 

Later when the members heard that we didn't FOR REALS take shelter, they freaked out. Haha. Brother Provo kept saying, "well you're from Texas, so you will be fine. You know what its like to have tornados."  Everyone's been saying, "oh well, you're from Texas so ...this and that." haha. It's hilarious cause everyone thinks I'm so strong and cool, cause I'm from Texas. I just say, "well yeah, I've seen the storm chasers on the Twister movie, so we will be good." Don't worry...we are pros here. So we are good and still alive. Not even a scratch ha. 

I recently came across Alma 62:6 in my studies, and it's a new treasure I've found. I love it, because it reminded me that when we unite together we are sooo much stronger than on our own. When we unite with God and the gospel and our family and friends and companions and members, we are stronger than on our own. So let's choose to unite with good influences and not Satan, the bad. Just as President Thomas S. Monson says, "May we choose the harder right, than the easier wrong!" 

Y'all, oh my goodness .... I seriously love the Bible sooo much! I have been finding a Book of Mormon & Bible treasure daily, and it has been such a blessing. I have become more knowledgeable about the scriptures, and I have felt my spiritual armor really become stronger so I can have the strength and faith I desperately need to fight the daily battles. Especially as a missionary, cause we get bashed and rejected and persecuted  all the time. But I wouldn't take it back for anything, because I'm coming closer to Jesus Christ everytime. And the reading and pondering and studying the scriptures daily helps me to act more like Him, teach more like Him and become more like Him. Seriously this gospel is amazing. If you don't feel that way, please check it out. Pray about it. Just do it. It'll bless you forever. I promise. Cause it's blessed me. And this is only the beginning. 

Treasure from the Bible : Joshua 23: 8-11---> 
God fights for you.  He fights for me. For us all. Because he promised. We fought in the pre-mortal life, we fight now, but we can't do it alone.  We need God. God is the ultimate pro fighter. Never ever leave him. I want you to really ponder ....HOW DOES IT MAKE YOU FEEL TO KNOW THE LORD FIGHTS FOR YOU DAILY? 

Last time I told you I had to get glasses. I don't really enjoy  wearing them always, BUT  I need them because my eyes can't see complete on their own. I realized that wearing glasses  is like seeing with God's eyes. We CANNOT see others with love or see them in a good light without God's help. He helps us to better ourselves by working on our weaknesses and experiencing trials so we can fully see our brothers and sisters as He does and to feel about them the way our loving Heavenly Father does. I know I'm soooo incredibly far from this, but it's something I've definitely improved on my mission and hope to continue to do so. At times we have foggy spiritual glasses, but again with God's help we can clean them as we clean our inner vessels. I've seen one of the best ways to do this is by reading the Book of Mormon EVERYDAY for at least 20 minutes. And another thing I've been trying lately is to take President Nelson's challenge and study ALL the scriptures that it has concerning Jesus Christ under the Bible's topical guide and read, highlight, and ponder them. I'm still super far from finishing, but I'm really feeling myself become more like Christ because I'm actually studying about him. Just as one has to study to be an orthopedic surgeon or counselor or plumber, one MUST study the scriptures to know how to become more Christlike. I PROMISE that's the best way to do it! The TIME IS NOW. I challenge y'all do take President Nelson's challenge from general conference too! 

  • We went to get our nails done last week,  and I was sitting in the front waiting for my turn.  A lady was sitting next to me, telling me about her life and divorce and all she's been through. She told me she's dating a guy right now.  I felt impressed to ask if he treats her right, so I did (cause you always follow the spirit!) She hesitated and said, "well sometimes. I guess." I said, "well I know I just met you, but you so deserve better. Don't ever forget it."  She smiled super big, said thanks and she  really appreciated it. It made me happy to feel like I made a difference in her life. And hopefully she broke up with the jerk. 

  • Mitch ...was biking down the street we were walking, so we waved him down, and he stopped. We got to teach him about the Book of Mormon right there. I was so pumped to teach him about Jesus Christ and the Americas. There's a catch though ...  he's a Lakers fan.  I told him we can still teach him. 
  • Porshi (pronounced like car Porsche w/ an a) .... we met her and her mom, Dorothy, in the ghettos of town. They were sitting outside their house.  In that moment I thought of my sister Janee... I immediately loved her and wanted the best for her. I couldn't lose her. I yearned so badly for her to come to church and learn more about this gospel so her life could be better. I could feel of her hardships and trials just by looking in her eyes and talking with her. We got to teach them both about the gospel. It was a cool experience. We are still teaching them. We shall see how it goes. 
  • Elder challenge ... Our district leader, Elder Stewart-Chester made a challenge to see how many in the district could get someone on date and how many NI we can get in a week. Sister Mühlestein and I are totally winning. All I gotta say is DON'T MESS WITH A TEXAN. AND DONT MESS WITH 2 DILIGENT & COMPETITIVE sisters (who both only have brothers). Haha. We of course are in the lead. I'll let you know next week who wins. 
  • Mary .... holy cow y'all .... she referred herself, cause she wanted a Bible. We accidentally forgot the Bible the first lesson, but miraculously got to teach her the Restoration and established our purpose as missionaries. She listened and said she wanted to learn more. So we came back for a 2nd lesson, and she said she enjoyed the Book of Mormon. We said as she continues to read and learn she'll wanna follow Jesus Christ's example and be baptized.  Before we could even say anything else she responded, "well yes of course I wanna be baptized. I feel like July 2nd is a great day because it's my birthday." I have NEVER ONCE had someone ASK to be baptized. It was sooo cool because in 'Preach My Gospel' it says we as missionaries MUST teach in such a way that's simple enough that people will ASK to be baptized. I was sooo amazed. It finally happened. What I've just told you about has ALWAYS been a desire of mine, and it finally came true. 
God is sooo good. We gave her the Bible.  She said she's excited to come to church and keep reading and studying from both the Bible and Book of Mormon. I'm pretty sure our jaws both totally dropped in that lesson. Haha. We are still in shock. Haha. I'm soooo grateful to be apart of this great work and help people recognize a better way. 

Thanks for all your encouragement and support ! I appreciate it from all y'all, especially this last "leg" of my "race" !!!!   Y'all get going on that Topical Guide challenge from President Nelson! Lemme know how it goes :) 

Siostra Karigan Ällowitz 

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