Thursday, May 4, 2017

May 1, 2017

Sister Hatch
My crazy Zone!

Sister Havey & Hermana Alexander ❤ the 3 musketeers!!!

The Barrios family! They're helping me on my Spanish. And they're awesome !!!
Guess Who? YES NAILED IT, I got the greatest privledge and blessing of meeting Sister Virginia Pearce. She is so full of grace and wit and humor. And is so knowledgeable about the gospel. She's awesome! Definitely a great role model. She reminds me so much of President Hinckley. ❤
Oh I got to see Sister Fredlund. She sent me a sunshine package. She's so in tune w/ the spirit. Seriously so cool. Love her.
Also saw Sister Lynette. She's so sweet, too. Such an angel in my life !!💜💜

Fav quotes: 
  • Elder Riccardi:  “If you want to punch Satan in the your mouth and preach."  Seriously, Satan and his buddies are straight up JERKS! DON'T let them into your life! Tell them what's up and to LEAVE. YOU DESERVE BETTER, so open your mouth and preach. Whether it's about the Gospel of Jesus Christ or simply being more positive .... it's all a part of this great plan. Just do it. 
  • Pres. Guuyman:  "study President Monson's words so you are prepared to LIVE them. We need to love in such a way that we are examples of President Monson's words!"  If we don't study God's word, how are we supposed to know what it even is or what we believe?? We can't. It's just like the Chicago Bulls trying to play basketball without knowing ANY of the basics or fundamentals. They know how to play the game because they practice. 
One of my soccer coaches would always say, "we play like we practice, and we practice like we play."  I KNOW the same principle applies for the gospel.   If we don't know what the gospel is or what we say we believe, there's no way we will know how to put them into play. So GET PRACTICING. and watch the Bulls for me :) 

So it's funny because I'm pretty sure I've eaten more Chick-fil-a in the last 3 months than I ever have in my entire life. It's been a great place to proselyte. We don't go around introducing ourselves. We simply just buy food and eat. People ask us questions, and we answer them. It makes you feel soon good, especially when you always get rejected when sharing the gospel. The Chick-fil-a people are so nice. They have the BEST customer service  ever! So the storal of the more is, if you're feeling down, go to Chick-fil-a and ask for Carol. She's got your back:) haha. Carol is the older woman who always takes care of us there.  A couple times ago she said to me, "oh hello! I knew you came in, but I couldn't remember which week"😂😂😂😂   Hey, anything for the gospel. Sister Sarah Smith took us there today for lunch, before I leave Naperville tomorrow. She also made me some  pumpkin chocolate chip cookies.  They're my favorite and to die for. I love Sister Smith. She's so thoughtful. 

  • Steven 
We met him while in Pontiac on finding exchanges. He was outside  his house pulling his trash in, and then walked in his house. But I felt promoted we needed to talk to him. We were able to talk to him about the gospel. It was so cool, cause the spirit was so strong. And he said, "Wow. This is crazy.  I'm not normally here during this time. I just got home from my talking to my probation officer. I was just about to go do other stuff and wouldn't have heard you. I really love Christ and learning about him." I was like ....🙀🙀🙀🙀 WHAT DID HE JUST SAY? Ha. That's cool. So he's now a new investigator the sisters are teaching. So cool that even when it's awkward, when we follow promptings, God will bless us! 
  • Sarah Thurman
Holy cow...she's literally been to hell and back. She's so awesome, and has such a strong desire to change and become better. She has the greatest desires and has changed my life. It has been cool cause it's really hard for me to open up to people and be vulnerable.   But she's helped me do that, as I've felt promoted to share personal experiences with her.  She said they've helped her a lot and she really appreciates my vulnerability. I know when we get to know others and share things with them we grow closer, but it needs to be the right time. 
  • Younger Sarah 
We were stopping by a former investigator and this 14 year old girl whips around the corner and asks if we are missionaries...if we are from a far away place to preach the gospel, and if our dresses are homemade (lol, that was the best part 😂)  She said she loves missionaries and wants us to teach her family. So we walked a little with her around the neighborhood a couple streets to teach her family.  That's never happened to me before. God is really blessing us. 
  • Many new investigators pool, Gods blessing us so much right now.  At the beginning of the transfer we only had 1 investigator and she was being wishy washy w/ us on commitments. NOW we, no joke, have 12 investigators  we are actively teaching. Wow right? Not because of us, but because of the lord.

  • ** Nate & family
We found Nate while knocking doors about 8 weeks ago, while he was outside playing ball with his family. He knew a little about the church, but didn't wanna listen. We kept going back, and this last Friday we knocked and he finally answered and said, "wow. You're back. You've been mightily persistent, cmon in."  We taught him and his wife, Susie, about the Book of Mormon and this awesome gospel. It was sooo cool cause he said it was our persistence that got us in their house. Haha. Sooo cool. "Never ever give up! 4th floor, last door" :) 
  • *** oh my gosh I got to go back to Freeport w/ Sis. Kibbons !!!! My comp had an investigator getting baptized ( we both started out there), and I taught the family once. So it was so cool to be back where I began. Oh it felt so good. 

*** I AM GETTING TRANSFERRED TO ROCKFORD.  I get to be in the same zone I started in when I was just 6 weeks fresh from the MTC. AND....Drum roll please...I get to be comps with....SISTER MUHLESTEIN AGAIN!!!! I trained her, and we were companions almost a year ago. I AM SOOOOO PUMPED. THIS IS GONNA BE A GREAT TRANSFER. It's gonna be like a Sister Nogueira transfer. I'm pumped !!!!! Oh God is soooo good. 

Love you all. 
Con mucho amor, 
Hermana Allowitz 

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