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Nov 14, 2016 Training and thermometers officially GONE OFF CHARTS --103*

Again Bro. Cook is a master balloon maker. Sister Irvin rocks ❤️
Rhonda had a blast at our Halloween Ward trunk or treat. Seriously she's awesome.

Ps- my companion has this pillow and it's funny cause  this defines how I've felt all week πŸ˜‚
This whole week I've been feeling SUPER awful. I thought it
was nothing, because when I grew up if nothing was bleeding or dead you
were fine. πŸ˜‚
Yesterday I took my temperature and had a
103* ish fever.
She brought me NICE chicken noodle soup with herbs, rolls, fresh OJ,
treats, ice cream, and meds!!! I LOVE HER !!!!!
Seriously nursed me back to Health.
Seriously I love that woman ! ❤️❤️❤️
She is another one who just amazes me !!!!
Brother Anderson is the bomb! and Sis. Navas is so wonderful...and
then there's the Elders.

Sister Beyer is sooooo wonderful. ❤️ And look, we be twinning. πŸ‘―

James and the new resident & Chelsea.
Bro. Sadoff. He's seriously so awesome! He isn't baptized yet, but has an awesome testimony.
His day will soon come.
Sophie Beyer ❤️❤️❤️ LOVE HER. Enough said. She cracks me up, as you can see.
Besties forever ? I think so ! πŸ˜‚
Hansen Fam bam. Plus A Navas girl!
Sister Kibbons and Sister Williamson...Mom and daughter.
These two are some of the funniest and sassiest ladies I've ever met. I LOVE IT.
It's gonna be me when I grow up.
Brother and Sister Navas.
Bro. Navas is from GUATEMALA !!!! One of the lands of my people!!!!
Our old District. Sister Anderson and I are the only sisters.
#holdinupthefort 🍴
Me and my new companion will still be the only sisters.....
I LOVE MY 5 GUYS ✋🏿✋🏿✋🏿✋🏿✋🏿✋🏿✋🏿
You match WITHOUT planning.
Sister Foster. She seriously is such a kindred spirit. She's so fun and cracks me up.
She hasn't had an easy life, but seriously keeps pushing through the hardest of trials.
She amazes me.
Jenna. She is a mini me. I LOVE her. ❤️❤️ we had a lesson where we taught the Plan of Salvation with play dough. She came up to me and hugged me before we left.
I got the opportunity to sit next to her while we taught the lesson and helped her build her cool things out of play dough and seriously just felt like we were buddies.
At church the next day, she came and hugged me again. She was so happy to me and I was happy to meet her too. She has a special spot in my heart. ❤️
Part of the Bourbland Relief Society.
The Lewis Fam bam. Seriously these are some pretty AMAZING people !!!!
I love them❤️ They're wonderful examples of enduring to the end even when it's super rough.
I am a sooo amazed by their love and service for others and their unshakable faith. #soblessed
This quote reminded me of the Book of Mormon. It's hands down my VERY FAVORITE BOOK!
Many people and ancient prophets DIED FOR us to have this book.
So PICK IT UP. READ IT. STUDY IT. One of my friends wrote me a couple weeks ago and said her college professor was talking about the Book of Mormon and asked ," WHAT DO YOU WANNA TELL MORONI YOU DID WITH THE BOOK OF MORMON?"
And holy moly, I LOVE that a LOT! I DONT in any way wanna take for granted this wonderful gift from God or any other wonderful books that people have written. I know the Book of Mormon truly is the word of God and we need to be reading and digging deeper within its great pages daily. I know it brings so much happiness and light into my life.
And yet I also know there's other wonderful authors who are members and who are non members. And so I'm really grateful we can learn on so many different levels.
So basically , y'all GO AND READ. it's so fun :)

A few MIRACLES this week : 
  • " I got a feeling " came on !!! 
  • Saw Rachel again at the  chiropractor 
  • Still sunshine πŸŒžπŸŒžπŸŒžπŸŒž 
  • When I was dying with a fever Sis. Irvin came to the rescue 
  • I met Jenna! 
  • We were going to visit some people and felt promoted to visit a lady down the street.  But I couldn't remember her name!  We were getting closer and closer to the door, then BOOM there came the name. It was Patricia. I love the Holy Ghost. 
  • Sis. Lewis made her FAMOUS raw tomato soup and all I can say is : πŸ˜»πŸ˜»πŸ˜»
  • Members have continued to give us rides places since we were in a car share.  GUESS WHAT...WE ARE NO LONGER IN A CAR SHARE. WAHOOOO! I'm SO HAPPY. 
  • Sis. Mulder made biscuits and gravy, and it's one of my FAVS. So good. 
  • My foot keeps healing! 

One of our leaders has asked us to do a training nearly EVERY  week this transfer. Jokingly Sis. Anderson said its prepping one of us for a leadership position. Lol psych.  Actually it turns out that Sister Anderson and I will both be training new baby missionaries !!!! #trainingx3.  Sis Anderson  will be whitewashing an area, as I thought. I'm super duper excited. I love training !   

We got to talk in sacrament meeting yesterday on President Monson's talk "An Attitude of Gratitude " ---ONE OF MY FAVORITE TOPICS !!!!!  It was fun. 

It's been awful being sick BUT it was nice because I got permission to go to bed a couple hours earlier than usual AND sleep in! I felt super weird cause I felt like I was being SUPER disobedient,t but it was great to try to get feeling better. I still don't feel the greatest, but I think my fever is gone. πŸ˜‚

In Preach My Gospel on page 105, there's a wonderful section that talks about how the Book of Mormon really DOES testify of Jesus Christ. 
I loved these:
*It testifies of Christ by affirming the reality of his life, mission, and power. 
*It teaches true doctrine concerning the Atonement-- foundation for the Plan of Salvation. 
*Those who know little or nothing about the Savior will come to know Him by reading, pondering, and praying about the Book of Mormon.  
*The testimony of the Book of Mormon confirms the testimony of theBbible that Jesus is the only Begotten Son of God and the Savior of the world. 
*As you teach the fullness of the gospel of Jesus Christ, you will testify often about the Savior and Redeemer of the world. By the power of the Holy Ghost, you will add your loving witness of the truthfulness of this message. " 
I KNOW with ALL my heart that the Book of Mormon DOES testify of our loving Savior, Jesus Christ, and that He LIVES. I know God gave us the Book of Mormon to read and ponder and study from, along with the Bible. I know they go hand in hand. 
There are many misconceptions that we don't believe in the Bible or that it's held lower than the Book of Mormon or that the Book of Mormon is our bible but lemme tell you .... NONE OF THAT IS TRUE!!!! The Book of Mormon and Bible help us learn more about the Savior and connect the things taught in each one. I love them both. 

As I read that section I was thinking..... 
*** we MUST read and ponder it  DAILY to KNOW the Savior. 
--if the Savior walked by, would I recognize him? 
--is Jesus Christ my best friend ?? Or just merely an acquaintance? 
I want Him to be my BEST FRIEND. 
People will come and go but the Savior will NEVER leave us. 

 2 Nephi 25:26 
"And we talk of Christ, we rejoice in Christ, we preach of Christ, we prophesy of Christ, and we write according to our prophecies, that our children may know to what source they may look for a remission of their sins." 

Okay, for reals -- it is ALL ABOUT JESUS. 
I eat, sleep, drink, talk, this work everyday. I've seen the difference in my life.  It's a GREAT ONE. If y'all aren't able to say you're "BEST FRIENDS " with the Savior yet, I'd like to invite you to GET ON YOUR KNEES and offer a prayer to our loving Heavenly Father and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. Pray for a desire. Pray for help. HE WILL AND CAN HELP YOU.  if you're not getting the results you want , look for what you need to change to get there ! 
The Savior is waiting. He's at the door. He's waiting. Open it. LET HIM IN. 

The coolest Chicago missionary you know ,

Hermana Γ€llowitz 

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  1. This is such good stuff! Thank you for all you are doing to shine ON and ON like Jesus's sunbeam forever!