Monday, October 3, 2016

October 3, 2016

Sister Griffith, Sis. Have, Carlson, and Muhlestein are the bomb!
During weekly planning Sis. Mühlestein said, "look my pillow has udders" ...that's what 3 hours of planning does for ya. Yes my companion is crazy and I love her.
It's okay, we are crazy together.
Again I love it here 😻😻😻😻😻
Elsa is so wonderful. I love her. We are totally kindred spirits.
Breakfast of champions. Uncle Nate ya proud ? 😻😂

Yeah we got our nails done. It's funny cause the nail guy told me the color I picked out changes colors when it's hot and cold and it really does. It's so cool cause I'm still 5 years old 😂
And yes those are my REAL nails no joke. Everyone keeps asking me. 😂
we had Family Home Evening at a members home and we talked about how conference helps us build our armor against Satan. We did an activity to put armor on and Emerson was super excited at first. Then from this picture you can see how he felt about it minutes later
My Zone
Uncle Nate and Bishop Mehr served together on their missions MANY
MOONS AGO and look what cool connection we have. I am so
grateful they both decided to serve missions or we wouldn't have
this cool connection. It's just yet another evidence that 1- God
deeply LOVES EACH OF US SOOOO MUCH & 2- Illinois Chicago West Mission
is MY mission and is where God called me..... HOW COOL IS THAT ???
So if you're debating whether or not to serve a mission... DO IT.
Just DO IT. You WILL NOT regret it. I PROMISE. You won't regret it
one bit.
Also YES this dessert is AMAZING( thanks to uncle Nate of course ).
So if you have any questions go to Check it out !
Sis. Mühlestein , me, Sister Havey and Carlson.
Shannon is a new member. She's so awesome. A few weeks ago at the Ward BBQ she and I killed it at the volleyball net. We make a great team.
LOVE Sis. Mehr.
Bishop and Sis. Mehr took time outta their night to come teach a lesson with our investigator A-A-Ron.
They're awesome teachers.
He's getting Baptized end of October.
More Sisters in ACTION
The Slüders give every missionary a shirt. They're family.
Sis. Oxborrow is the best. She's mom's twin eh? Love love love her. Yes, many tears shed together. She's such an angel. ❤️ Soul SISTAS for sure.
Sis. Gibbons is a soul sista sent from heaven. ❤️❤️❤️
She's been through so much and is so strong. She's such a wonderful
example to me!
Oh yeah and she officially adopted Sis. Mühlestein and I might
just forever stay in Illinois.
#bestiesforever #adoptedmom&daughter
The Felgenhauers are so awesome! They're Ward Missionaries and are on fire for missionary work. Seriously such strong people.
Matilda, aka Tille. She's my new little friend. ❤️
Sis. Mühlestein bought me a corn dog. And yesssssss I was so happy!
I will never turn down a corndog. Ever.


Sis. Metcalf, one of my dearest friends, had to go home early a
couple months ago due to some health issues. She wasn't able to
go with Sis. Havey and I to the Nauvoo Temple. She sent us this
picture she made. It made me laugh so hard. She was so there with
us in spirit and made me happy to have this. It was one of the hardest
things for me to see her go, but I know God has a plan for all of us.
Sis. Metcalf, aka now Olivia,has forever changed my life❤️❤️❤️
I'm very grateful for these life long friendships I'm making.
Missions are really the greatest for many reasons.


Hey y'all ! 
Sorry I don't have a lot of time today because it's so crazy since ......
I'm getting  transfered !!!!! I'm leaving the wonderful land of Morton to the land of Bourbonnais North.  It's been nuts trying to get everything done before I leave. 
DIDN'T YA'LL JUST LOVE CONFERENCE ??? Conference weekend really is a GLORIOUS time for a missionary. It's like Christmas. We actually call it "Christmas weekend". It's the best! How cool that they talked soooo much about missionary work and the Plan of Salvation and the Doctrine of Christ. Y'all the world is going to heck in a hand basket more rapidly everyday, so I'd like to invite y'all to read and listen to conference again and ACTUALLY APPLY the things the Holy Ghost teaches you that you to do. I know as we all do this we will and can overcome the mass corruptness and plagues of the world. Cause let's be real, it's awful--but WITH CHRIST ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE. 
I also LOVED how Elder Russell M. Nelson talked soooo much about having JOY. 
Jesus Christ really does mean and bring joy. 
Let us CHOOSE to find JOY in EVERY situation. 
Let us rejoice in our Savior and Redeemer and loving elder brother, Jesus Christ. 
Let us all CHOOSE to be happy. 
One thing I've noticed as a missionary (and ever so much in life) is ....
IT IS SOOOOO HARD, but it's so worth it! 
Missionary works is WAY WAY WAY harder than anyone tells you it is gonna be,  but HEY if you look on the bright side--it's building your character for life. None of us can look into a crystal ball and have our lives played before our eyes. We just gotta keep walking forward with faith and put ALL of our trust in the Lord and all will work out. 
And even though missionary work is hard,  Sis. Mühlestein and I have talked a lot about--we weren't forced to come on a mission. We CHOSE to come here. 
And everyday has its own trials and difficulties on or off a full time mission. 
So everyday I have to PERSONALLY CHOOSE to be out here, to be FULLY committed to serving the lord. It's not always easy, but oh my I can promise you that it's sooooo beyond worth it !!! 
  I am doing all I can to focus my everything--my heart, might, mind, and strength to the lord. 
I am so grateful  for the skills and principles I'm learning on my mission to help build & mold me into the person God needs me to be. I am grateful that Ether 12:27 rings true...through Christ our weakness can be made strengths. I continue to be amazed at that in my life. Trust me,  I still have a long way to go, but I've defiently made progress here in the mission field. And I know if I was anywhere else right now I wouldn't have these things  brought to my awareness.    There's really absolutely NO words to fully express how grateful I am. I just am soooo happy to be here in Illinois and to be a missionary because it's the BEST.   Missionary life really prepares you for afterward... like school, friends,  marriage, work, and life. I can honestly say my mission is THE BEST thing I've done FOR my life. Full time missions really are the BEST 18-24 months FOR your life. It's true y'all. Like Paigey Perkes always says, "truth makes sense." 
The gospel is TRUTH. and that's why it makes so much sense. 
Love you all so mucho. 
Don't worry about me , I'm doing great. I have the Lord on my side and that's all I need to endure and enjoy. GO and FIND someone to help. 
Read your scriptures and pray daily. 
Sincerely ,
Hermana Ällowitz 

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