Monday, August 1, 2016

August 1, 2016

And you thought you were sick of corn ..... 🌽🌽🌽🌽🌽PSYCH.
Emily and Jason Boyd. I'm soooo sad they're moving. Besties for life. ❤️
MTC PALS. ❤️❤️❤️
My killer comp ❤️
Alma 34:15-- people are so hardened here in icwm. It's sad to see people reject this beautiful message and Jesus Christ. I
am grateful to know that this is true. I watched "Legacy" the movie about the pioneers and Joseph Smith. It's one of my all time
favorites because the spirit is so strong--these pioneers sacrificed so much for us to have this restored gospel of Jesus Christ
here upon the earth. I love Joseph Smith. I love the pioneers. I love the gospel!

My companion shared this insight with me, and I loved it because I honestly don't care what people think of me. What I do care about is that people KNOW Joseph Smith WAS INDEED a prophet of God and that Jesus Christ lives.
1 Nephi 19:7–9. "The world shall judge him to be a thing of naught." The Savior was unimportant to them. He was deemed to be “good for nothing, 
but to be … trodden under foot of men” (Matthew 5:13). Elder Neal A. Maxwell (1926–2004) of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles noted how men today often follow the same fateful thinking: “For many moderns, sad to say, the query ‘What think ye of Christ?’ (Matthew 22:42) would be answered, ‘I really don’t think of Him at all!’” (in Conference Report, Oct. 1995, 27; or
Ensign, Nov. 1995, 22–23). On another occasion Elder Maxwell taught 
that regardless of what the world says, we must stand fast in our testimony of the Savior: “At the center of the Father’s plan is Jesus Christ, mankind’s Redeemer. Yet,
as foreseen, many judge Jesus ‘to be a thing of naught’ (1 Nephi 19:9), or ‘consider him’ merely ‘a man’ (Mosiah 3:9). Whether others deny or delimit Jesus, for us He is our Lord and Savior! Comparatively, brothers and sisters, it matters very little what
people think of us, but it matters very much what we think of Him. It matters very little, too, who others say we are; what matters is who we say Jesus is”
(in Conference Report, Apr. 1984, 27; or Ensign, May 1984, 21).

There was a thunderstorm AGAIN this last week. Of course, we being the super smart 19 year old girls that we are, didn't have umbrellas because it was super bright and sunshiny out. Then all of a sudden the storm from Satan came and we got SO soaked. We knocked on some doors hoping to get an answer, then ran back fast to our car in pouring rain. I said, 
"hey this is awesome cause people will feel bad for us and let us in, and we can share the gospel with them." Hah, knock on wood....the guy said ,"you didn't have the decency to get out of the rain? Go get out of the rain."
He LEGIT wouldn't let us in. I just laughed. I didn't care about getting wet as much as about his eternal salvation. 
But I guess he isn't ready. I hope his heart was softened just a little. BUT hey it was a fun adventure.

When we are with God and center Jesus Christ in our lives and read the Book of Mormon and pray daily we are WITH God and are able to be above the world. We can be in the world but not of the world. We can stand above Satan and his buddies trying to get us down. We can have a firm foundation when the whirlwinds of life come. ( Helaman 5:12)

We were so excited to finally contact Diane. When the door opened and we asked for Diane the guy said, "yeah, my mom died. She's gone." ...... And then slammed the door in our face. But we did see a lady above Diane's apartment. She was nice until she realized we were Mormons. She said if we didn't go she'd hit us with her cane cause she knew mom would've beat us cause that's what she always did to Mormon missionaries. She wouldn't have been able to, since she was in a wheelchair. I would've taken it, but we wanted to respect her so we bore testimony again and left. It's interesting people's perspectives of the church. There's so many misconceptions out there. It breaks my heart. But how COOL IS IT that I get to be here preaching the gospel to get rid of these misconceptions!
We are like Nephi. People are like Laman and Lemuel and won't listen. They only time Nephi got them to listen was when he bore his testimony. People are so hardened here. Service and bearing sincere testimony is what's gonna soften people's hearts. I know that's true cause I've already seen it. Even through this we must humble ourselves and become like Nephi because at times we can become like Laman and Lemuel. So let's not murmur. I sure ain't speaking "whinese". It's not a language I have or wanna put on my resume and none of us do, so let's rise above.

You know your companion knows you super well when she knows she can scare you by hiding and waiting for you to come outta the bathroom....WHY ? πŸ˜³πŸ˜¬πŸ˜‚

We all make mistakes and no one is perfect. We all fall short at times and Satan & his buddies try to get us to believe things that aren't true. They try to get us to keep digging ourselves bigger holes and continue to dwell in our sin. And yet GUESS WHAT? Our Heavenly Father LOVES us SO MUCH & wants us to return back to him. He wants us to better ourselves and improve. And he knew we wouldn't be able to do it on our own so He sent his son, Jesus Christ, who suffered & atoned for us.
So please please DON'T procrastinate repentance! I know it's not always easy but remember you're not alone! You never are! And "anything worth having takes time" , so get on your knees and pray DAILY for things you're needing to repent for.
I have seen my life change so much as I've taken the time to repent daily. Digging holes doesn't do anyone any good. Daily repentance heals wounds and scars. It helps us to become more Christlike. I can promise you it's NEVER EVER too late to come back regardless of how far you feel you've come!!!! Jesus Christ IS our Shepherd. We are HIS sheep. 🐏🐏🐏🐏 and he WILL place us on his shoulders and carry us home. I know this is so true, because Jesus Christ has left the 99 for me so many times.

So beyond grateful for parents who taught me the value of hard work and how to do it. This missionary stuff isn't even close to being easy, but sooo worth every bit of character I'm gaining here.

Miracles this week:
*Brittany's gonna be baptized Aug 27. We are gonna baptize her ENTIRE FAMILY. She said she normally would've turned us away but she saw and felt something different within us. Such a spiritual experience! Most spiritual experience I've had on my entire mission. With that experience alone I KNOW this church is true. And I CANNOT deny it.
* Met guy named Vance who actually accepted a Book of Mormon and said he wants to come to church
* Tonya,a less active, came to church for the first time since I've been here.
* THE JARNIGANS MOVED HERE. Ice cream prophesy brought to pass.

We had zone preparation day today. It was a blast! We played ultimate frisbee and volleyball and the Elders BBQ'd for us. We have an awesome zone !

Ps- yes Sis. Metcalf got GEESEN poop on herself from all the GEESEN in the lawn at the church. Cause STORY TIME :
Seester Metcalf was chilling in the grass enjoying the sunshine day when all of a sudden she realized she had GEESEN poop πŸ¦ƒπŸ’© on herself. She didn't eat it though that's a disclaimer.
She is still alive and well and no longer has any residue on her from this event...just priceless memories to write about in her journal.

I love the missionary life!
Love Seester Γ„llowitz

Also we found a new person to teach. This bunny. Many people here won't listen to us like I said but this bunny did.

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